Here is sample code for calling the converter from a Perl script. The "use utf8;" statement is only needed if utf-8 characters are used in the script itself as in this example; scripts that get their inputs from elsewhere don't need it. I normally use "use open qw(:std :utf8);" and "Win32::Console::OutputCP(65001);" so that STDIN, STDOUT, STDERR and the output of commands in backquotes are in UTF-8. (I tried posting an example with Cyrillic characters, but the provincial code used by the developers of this forum was having none of it.)

use utf8;
use Win32::OLE qw(CP_UTF8);
Win32::OLE->Option(CP => CP_UTF8); * set utf8 encoding
my $dmcscripting = Win32::OLE->new('DMCScripting.Converter') or die "Couldn't create DMCScripting.Converter OLE Object";
$dmcscripting->Convert("D:\\Mp3\\Tools\\Cabrón.m4a", "D:\\Mp3\\Tools\\Cabrón.wav", "Wave", "", "D:\\Mp3\\Tools\\dbconverterr.txt");