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Thread: Multiple Extraction Logs with Multi-Encoder

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    Question Multiple Extraction Logs with Multi-Encoder

    Hello! I was just wondering how to produce multiple extraction logs when ripping using the multi-encoder. For example, if I am ripping a disc to both FLAC and MP3 (and therefore there are two different folder destinations), then since I have FLAC selected first, the FLAC folder will contain the extraction log but not the MP3 folder. (I assume if I were to rip to a third codec as well, then it would also not get an extraction log, since FLAC is still the first encoder listed in my multi-encoder list.)

    Is there a way to rip so that both the FLAC folder and the MP3 folder will contain respective extraction logs? Is there a way to retroactively produce an extraction log for my MP3 folders that I have already ripped (aside from simply copying and pasting the extraction log from the corresponding FLAC folder, as I assume that the extraction logs for FLAC and MP3 will be identical)?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Multiple Extraction Logs with Multi-Encoder

    I am afraid we do not have this option.

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    Re: Multiple Extraction Logs with Multi-Encoder

    Okay, just wanted to make sure, thank you!!

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