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Thread: Ripping Without AccurateRip

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    Ripping Without AccurateRip

    Sometimes I'm ripping an obscure CD which has a low confidence number of 1 or 2. And I'm curious to not use AccurateRip. Even if I just want to compare the results.

    Do I simply open CD Ripper Options and uncheck:

    [ ] Query Ripping Results with AccurateRip

    And leave Secure Settings in place:

    [x] Pass 1
    [x] C2 Error Pointers for Error Detection
    [x] Enable Ultra Secure Ripping (Min 1, Max 2, End 1)


    [x] Pass 1
    [x] Pass 2
    [x] Enable Ultra Secure Ripping (Min 3, Max 6, End 2)

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    Re: Ripping Without AccurateRip

    You would have to test for c2 compatibility with an intentionally scratched CD.

    Other than that the first would be my preference.

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    Re: Ripping Without AccurateRip

    I'd already performed the C2 compatibility test, as per your instructions of marking a CD with a black permanent marker pen.

    And the test results indicate that the drive does use C2 Error Pointers (refurbished Plextor PX-W1210A).

    Thanks Spoon!

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