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Thread: Asset R5 beta for OSX/Linux

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    Asset R5 beta for OSX/Linux

    I'm proud to announce that beta version of Asset UPnP R5 for OSX and Linux is ready for testing.

    Feature-wise it's a clean port of the latest Windows version, with OSX/Linux specific parts retained from R4.7.

    Most important changes from R4.7:
    • DSD support
    • UPnP search support
    • Monkey's Audio codec support

    Changes since R5 beta 1
    • Expanded debug logging functionality to figure out stuck scan bug
    • Fixed broken "rescan all" command (also bad behavior after configuration changes that require library to be fully rescanned)
    • Fixed not downscaling album art images - use "rescan all" to fix wrong album art records from older betas
    • Fixed stuck scanning due to memory usage creep when indexing music files with large attached picture tags (beta 4)
    • Improvements to album art indexing performance (beta 4)
    • Fixed non-lowercase-capitalized folder.jpg files not being seen (beta 5)
    • Added a forced timed rescan option to help with scenarios where folder change tracking doesn't work reliably. (Linux: beta 5, OSX: beta 6)
    • Fixed DSD glitches (beta 6) (details).
    • Added an option to hide [All Tracks] / [Shuffle Tracks] items - in both configuration and per control point overrides; use [NoAllTracksItems] in control points override to hide these items.
    • Search bug fixes [beta 7]
    • LPCM wrong stream format bug fix [beta 7]
    • Added Monkey's Audio codec [beta 8]
    • Fixed a bug causing MP3 files to take a long time to index on slow machines [beta 8]
    • Fixed internet radio not working with default settings on machines with ARM processors [beta 8]
    • QNAP x09: Fixed not rescanning library on app startup [beta 8]
    • Fixed differently capitalized folder.jpg files not being recognized in folder browsing mode [beta 9]
    • Fixed slow browsing on machines with write cache disabled (QNAP in particular) [beta 9]
    • Changed configuration & library data location to avoid clash with R4.x series [beta 10]
      Relevant configuration files will be moved (if upgraded from older R5 beta) or copied (if upgraded from R4.x) on first run.
    • OSX: Fixed early R5 regression breaking folder structure browsing [beta 11]
    • Fixed "download configuration dump" serving truncated archives on QNAP if the configuration size exceeds 64MB, due to QNAP's /tmp size limit [beta 11].

    Registered users
    If you have used a registered copy of R4.7 before and have not erased your configuration data, R5 beta will function as a registered version.


    <now released>
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