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Thread: Script to fix multi-disc album tags

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    Script to fix multi-disc album tags

    Ripped my collection a long time ago, when my first player (iAudio X5L) did not support Id tag browsing. Albums were stored 1 per folder with "... (Disc x)" appended to album titles and no "Disc" tags. This did not present a problem browsing music in Artist / Album folders. But... iTunes has _unfortunately_ entered my life. It treats albums with different names as unique albums, even if all tracks are in 1 folder. Therefore all multiple disc albums are displayed multiple times in their album browser, once for each individual disc.

    The following script traverses a folder (or folder tree) looking for a specific string (customizable, assumed to be appended, e.g. "(Disc n)") in the "album" tag. When found, all music files in the same folder are assumed to belong to the same multi-disc album. The script runs in 2 modes: scan and report or scan and update, determined by the response to the first message box displayed. In update mode the current disc number and maximum disc number are extracted from the multi-disc-identifying string, that string is removed from the "album" tag and a "Disc" tag is added with values "x/y".

    Script developed, tested & used under Windows XP SP3 with dBpoweramp R15.3.

    ...For what it's worth.

    [Need some assistance: attempts to upload script file (type - txt, size - 10.1 kb) are failing. Pop-up text for associated icon indicates: IOErrorEvent type="ioError", eventPhase=2, ..., text="Error *2038". Any idea what the specific cause might be and how I might correct the problem?]

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    Re: Script to fix multi-disc album tags

    Send it by email please and I will upload.


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