I've been using CD Ripper on my custom built PC running Windows 7 Pro which has four optical drives installed and I've been able to successfully open four instances of CD Ripper and rip four CD's simultaneously (I provide a ripping service to clients who are using systems like Sonos and need all their CD's on a NAS). I've purchased the OS X Family pack and I've only done single disc rips as well as a few conversations and ID Tag edits to test the software but I would love to be able to do all my ripping on the Mac so I can do away with the PC tower. I want to make sure that the OS X version of CD Ripper is capable of doing the simultaneous multi-disc ripping (and currently don't have the hardware to test it myself). In a previous post I believe Spoon told me that four is the max recommend instances of CD Ripper to open simultaneously. It works fine in Windows.

I'm currently using a Mac Mini running Yosemite OS 10.10.5, 16GB RAM, i5 dual core. I'm researching the possibility of using three or four external OWC sourced blu-ray drives daisy chained together on the FireWire 800 bus, not sure if that will work, but if it is possible that would be great. I'm looking at getting a new iMac with i7 quad core processor so if my multi-drive connection idea would work then the iMac should have the horsepower to handle the intended task. As a side request, if anyone knows of another solution for connecting multiple optical drives (four max) please share your thoughts.

Thanks for any and all information you can provide.