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Thread: How to submit a new drive-offset-database listing

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    How to submit a new drive-offset-database listing

    I have an excellent "BENQ - DVD DD DW1650," and I'm surprised to see it's not listed in the drive-offset database. My rips are being done with an offset of zero. Maybe that's no problem, really, but how can I get my drive listed with its correct offset of +618 as other similar BenQ models are?

    The correct offset is listed in the database at http://www.daefeatures.co.uk/, and other software confirms the +618 figure.

    I'm using v15.2 on a Mac, and I am *really* impressed with this software!
    BTW and FYI, the BenQ drive will zoom through CDs without error that other fine drives have a bit of trouble with. I purchased a used takeout drive on eBay, a Philips DVD8801/97 (very clean inside), and cross-flashed it to BenQ DW1650 firmware BCIC, of which it is a clone. Fantastic. Also nicely reports "alleged" C1 and C2 errors to the proper Win software thru a USB connection.


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    Re: How to submit a new drive-offset-database listing

    Only the windows version of dBpoweramp can submit drive offsets, perhaps next month it will be in the database and it will auto configure on your system.

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