Fresh install of R15 Reference, downloaded just a few days ago. Installed perfectly, ripped a few CDs perfectly, then loaded a CD where the ripper could not find artwork that was acceptable to me, so I went into Chrome and did a search to find better artwork.

When I tried to drag and drop it in the ripper, it did not work.

Tried it with Firefox. Same result.

Microsoft Edge. Same.

I used this feature extensively in Windows 7, from ALL browsers, so this is a big loss, unless somebody can help troubleshoot the issue. This may be a roll back to Windows 7 level issue for me.

I am guessing it is a "rights" issue, so I ran the ripper "As Administrator." Still nothing. I ran the browser "As Administrator" too, still nothing. Tried running the ripper with Windows 8 settings, and Windows 7... nothing I've tried has made this work.

Is there a setting in Windows 10 that stops dragging items from app to app?