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Thread: Error reported for cda files

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    Error reported for cda files

    Just bought CD Ripper, along with Perfect Tunes, Music Converter and so forth and and am pretty pleased. I have found difficulty ripping a few cd's directly because they are cda format.

    I am trying out Music Converter but this seems to be a lengthy process that works my cd writer very hard.

    The prime objective is to get CD's on to a Synology NAS in FLAC format with least effort and time. What is the best solution.

    All the best,


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    Re: Error reported for cda files

    You would run the program 'CD Ripper', not music converter.

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    Re: Error reported for cda files

    Thanks for the help. I had tried CD ripper and got an error message. I think probably the programme had not loaded correctly and all is now well.

    All the best,


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