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Thread: R13.5 unable to install WMA Codec

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    R13.5 unable to install WMA Codec

    I am running r13.5 of dBpoweramp on win7 64bit and want to install the WMA codec. I have downloaded the WMA10Pro release 9 for win 7. The installer runs but I get an error message 'Error whilst running 'C;\Program Files\dBpoweramp\dBConfig.exe' . The installer continues to run and claims to have installed successfully but dBpoweramp does not include WMA in its list of codecs. Retrying the install, the installer finds the installed codec asks whether to replace it and when replacing repeats the failure to run dBConfig.

    Any recommendations as to how I can get a working install with a wma codec, preferably without an upgrade.

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    Re: R13.5 unable to install WMA Codec

    It is installing the 64 bit version, hold the right shift key down whilst double click the wma installer.

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