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Thread: Debian/GNU Raspberry Pi B with WD MyBook NAS

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    Debian/GNU Raspberry Pi B with WD MyBook NAS

    Twonky is clunky on WD MyBook
    Asset is lovely on Windows Laptop.
    Now building low energy, perfectly quiet, 24x7 server with Raspberry Pi B (Debian) and Asset UPnP.
    So far:
    Added mount of "Shared Music" from WD MyBook on to "/mnt/m/Shared Music"
    Downloaded and installed the Trial Version of Asset UPnP
    Configured both the mount and Asset to autostart on reboot :)

    Problem 1:
    downloaded using order number, but cannot unzip licensed version :(

    Problem 2:
    configuring Asset, the first box is "Watched media folders (one line per folder):"
    I tried
    /mnt/m/"Shared Music"
    "/mnt/m/Shared Music"
    /mnt/m/'Shared Music'
    /mnt/m/Shared Music

    but so far Asset is empty of content :(

    IS IT BECAUSE the folder name, "Shared Music" has an embedded space?

    I do not think it is a permissions problem
    The following command does work:
    ls -l /mnt/m/"Shared Music"/Yes/"1971 Fragile"/Folder.jpg

    and I can "cat" that file when logged on as "pi"
    So Asset should be able to read those files?

    Asset is running with UID "pi"
    Music files are owned by "root" with permissions set to 755

    Should I have done the "crontab -e" editing while logged on as root, instead of pi?

    Thanks in advance :)
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