I have the Family Pack of dBpoweramp Reference R15.1 and as far I can see the tested Parts of the programms including Replay Gain Codec for the Music Converter are working fine on my old PC with Windows XP.

Now I have copyed the Installationfiles from my XP-PC to my Notebook with Windows 7 and installed them.

Problems on the W7-Notebook:
(CD-Ripper is working so far)

1. Batch Converter has (now?) no Integration to the Right Click Menu of the Windows Explorer, although this option is checked on the dBpoweramp Configuration. (Im not shure if this point was working in the beginning).

2. A short time after starting "Convert to: RG (Replay Gain)" there is an error message, that the program does not work anymore. After that the file-tags show only the Track_Gain and the Track_Peak and not the Album_Gain and not the Album_Peak.

On my old XP-PC this programm-parts are working fine, even with my buyed high res Qobuz-FLAC-tracks (Germany).
Perhaps this Thread has something to do with another Thread: https://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthr...y+Codec+Issues

Futher Information about my old XP-PC:
I installed the dmc-R15.1-Ref-Registered.exe over my old Programversion (dmc-R14.2-Ref-Registered.exe).
23.11.2014 I installed the Codecs [Replay Gain] + [ID Tag Update] + [Arrange Audio]. The last one is not yet installed on my W7-Notebook.

Please help me with my two points above.