Happy new Year to you, Spoon and sorry to bother as I need your support to get an issue fixed here that I do have with my Asset Installation.

I am running Asset Rel. 3 (prem reg) on a Win 7 Ultimate(SP1)-PC, plus use Kinsky 4.3.14 on this PC as well as on my iPhone/iPad to control the Linn ADSM. In general and after several years of usage, I am still happy and found Asset much better than the new released Kazoo Server as promoted on the Linn homepage. However, I still have one issue that I was not able to solve yet:

I created a separate tag entry for the DR-Value of each track and for the album. The system automatically recognizes these values and it works fine. It is regardless whether I add these values using Foobar or add them manually. But unfortunately the page that show the DR-Values (Home/Library/Asset UPNP: Mediastation [my PC]/DRValue) looks a bit suspicious as the values starts with 10,11,12, etc. up to 22, followed by 4 (my lowest value from a ripped CD), 5, 6, etc. up to 9. I have tried to find a solution here in the forum but was not successful to find a solution for my issue on my own.

Could you kindly advise of how I can get the a.m. numbers in a normal order, i.e. start with the lowest value (here 4) and end with the highest level (22). Your help is very much appreciated because I am (still) a believer in the DR-Value idea for overall sound quality of every record (even though this is not the only criteria) and use it frequently when scrolling through my music collection. Interestingly some of my friends are looking for these entries first whenever they visit me and to listen to my latest music additions (and claim that there are so many other criteria of how to identify a good recording)

Best regards, Dirk

PS: On another note: why is the Kazoo server so much quicker once I am starting to re-scan the music collection? Asset took approx. 3hrs, sometimes even longer for my current 1249 albums and 17525 tracks; Kazoo does the very same process (even I am not sure whether it tracks each information as Asset does) in about 40-50 minutes...on the same machine!