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Thread: m4p to mp3

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    Re: m4p to mp3

    I found this here: http://www.audiosense.org/forum/show...?p=412*post412

    Has anyone done this and if so, how does it work? Nobody posted a reply to this guys post from the end of February....

    Simple registry fix for right click access


    m4p2mp4 is a great program, but there is no GUI front-end for it. I found an easy way to be able to right click on an m4p file in Windows and convert the file from the menu.

    Just cut and paste the following into a new text file, save it as test.reg, then merge it into your registry:

    ---------CUT BELOW HERE-----------
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


    @="\"D:\\Program Files\\m4p2mp4\\m4p2mp4.exe\" \"%1\" \"%1.mp4\""
    ---------END CUT ABOVE HERE---------

    Change the path in the above line to where you have m4p2mp4 located.

    This will only change one song at a time, meaning you can't right click on 20 songs at once and have them all convert. It's still slow, but at least you don't have to type in commands for every single song.

    If you need any help with the above stuff, don't email me or post a reply. Since I'm not sure how legal m4p2mp4 is, I have dumped it and gone back to the method of burning a CD of the protected files through iTunes and then ripping the songs off of the CD. So since I don't have the program anymore, I can't provide any support for anything.

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    Talking Re: m4p to mp3

    Thanks dude! where were you before i typed the commands to convert all my iTunes music? lol

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    Re: m4p to mp3

    Ugh. Used your batch file tom, converted all my M4p's to "song.M4p.Mp4", which I guess is the end result...right? Seems like it didn't actually change the format, just renamed it as something it's not. anyway, when I convert from Mp4 to Mp3 it only grabs the Id3 tags and song info, but no song. 3Kb files. so what I end up with is "song.M4p.Mp3" 3kb file. what gives dude?

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    Re: m4p to mp3

    Does this work on Windows 2000? I tried to do it on my GF's computer but am unsuccessful. Any suggestions?

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    Re: m4p to mp3

    How do I go about getting the proper playback key or whatever the heck that thing was called?

    Thanks man

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    Exclamation Re: m4p to mp3

    I followed all the suggestions on this thread, and I am still not able to get a usable audio file. I started with an iTunes m4p file, converted it to mp4 using the m4ptomp4.zip file which worked fine. However, when I then try to convert the mp4 file to an mp3 or wave file in dbpowerAMP, I get a 1 or 2 kb file. Clearly I am missing something here. I downloaded all the suggested codex files from the dbpowerAMP site. Any other ideas?


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    Unhappy Re: m4p to mp3

    I too am having a problem with blank mp4 files after the conversion. I do have the proper key (the m4p file plays through iTunes on the computer.) Does this program no longer work? Did someone with this same problem find a solution?


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    Re: m4p to mp3

    "Big Ben" had mentioned in his post (regarding m4p2mp4):

    > Also, the "pessoal.onda.com" software does not appear to convert songs to
    > mp4 if they are too old. Why? I do not know (I wish I did; most of my
    > library was downloaded more than a month ago.) I was attempting to
    > convert about 90 of my songs and noticed that the application only
    > properly converted the songs that I had downloaded MOST RECENTLY,
    > within the past two weeks approximately. Songs that are older are
    > converted to mp4 but are "empty". They only play dead air.

    I think this applies to when Apple created the files, and not when they were downloaded. All of my iTunes files are recently downloaded and m4p2mp4 just gives me "dead air" when I try to convert.

    I recently got a gift certificate to iTunes, but I have a Creative MuVo NX MP3 player, which I can't play m4p's on. Rather than wasting countless CDs to convert M4Ps top MP3s, I am still searching for a software-based method.

    So far, the only sure-fire way I've come across to convert m4p's to mp4's which seems to work consistently is:

    1. Use VLC (http://www.videolan.org) to convert the M4P to MP4's in realtime (details at: http://wiki.videolan.org/tiki-read_a...hp?articleId=4). Unfortunately, this only works as fast as the song itself will play.

    2. Use dbPowerAmp Music Converter to convert the MP4 to an MP3.

    It would be great if m4p2mp4 could be fixed to work with all M4Ps, because it seems like an excellent tool-- and it's FAST!

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    Re: m4p to mp3

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    Just thought you might want to check out my HOWTO on M4P to MP3 conversion on Windows, including exact instructions on using Jon Johansen's <B style="color:black;background-color:*ffff66">QTFairUse</B> to extract raw un-DRMed AAC data and turn it from Raw AAC into something actually playable.

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    Re: m4p to mp3

    Good stuff there, works great. Thanks

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    Re: m4p to mp3

    OK here is a "batch" file. Create a file called convert.vbs and put this in it:

    Set WSHShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    Set objFileSystem = Wscript.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set objFolder = objFileSystem.GetFolder(".\")
    Set colFiles = objFolder.Files
    For Each FileObj in colFiles
    strFileName = FileObj.Name
    variable = instr(strFileName,"m4p")
    if(variable>0) Then
    thename = left(strFileName,(variable-2))
    WSHShell.run "m4p2mp4.exe " & Chr(34) & strFileName & Chr(34) & " " & Chr(34) & thename & ".mp4" & Chr(34), 1, TRUE
    End If
    Now throw all the files you want converted in that directory. This will mass convert them all to .mp4 files. You then just select them all and do the little convert to option.

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    Thumbs up Re: m4p to mp3

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    I keep get a message that says "only works on files for which you have a valid playback key"

    Any clues?

    Itunes has an option to burn as MP3's, but that isn't working for me either (it would only burn as an audio cd) thus why I am doing it the hard way.
    Probably is a song with more than one word in the title. When that happens, just revert back to the DOS 8.3 days and use the "~1" at the end. i.e. a song titled "How are you.m4p", you would type m4p2mp4 howare~1.m4p howare~1.mp4. Not the easiest thing to type, but it gets easier the more you do it.

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    Re: m4p to mp3

    ** Simple batch conversion script
    ** by Pirate
    ** In the public domain.
    // What files need converted
    $dir = './';
    // Full path to convert exe
    $convert_exe = 'm4p2mp4.exe';

    /** C*O*D*E **/
    // Set it to 0 just incase there are no converting files
    $converted_count = 0;
    $dir = opendir($path);
    while ($file = readdir($dir))
    if (preg_match('/.m4p/i', $file) continue;

    function convert_file($file) {
    echo("Converting ".$file);
    system($convert_exe.' '.$file);

    echo("DONE. Converted: ".$converted_count." file(s)");


    [if you dont want to keep doing the mindless task of m4p2mp4.exe filename.]

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    Re: m4p to mp3

    I tried the cmd thing to convert my iTunes files, but it said this was not an internal or external command and it wouldn't do it for me.

    I hate iTunes, I've spent three hours on their crappy website for four songs. I've gotten my entire WMP library deleted, and had to download three rippers/converters/whatevers! They don't work! I just want to kill someone!


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    Re: m4p to mp3

    Ok...this is pretty friggin confusing, I keep getting dead air like everyone else and I have tried everything that has been listed, I need a sure fire way of doing this, so please someone make a walkthrough of how you did it if you did it sucsessfully...Please!

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