Hi, I have a strange problem.
Setup: Windows 7 with two user accounts intalled having same rights (administrator).

If User 1 (the one who ripped) logs in and looks at his FLACs, all ID-Tags are present, the file is usable in any music-player. Correct as it should be.
If User 2 logs in and looks at the very same files, there are no ID-Tags. Though any Music-Player or database doesen't know what artist etc. :vmad:

As far as I know, ID-Tags are stored in the FLAC File, so why is it possible that one user has no problems and the other one does?
Even if the second User had "read only" rights the ID-Tags aren't supposed to disappear?
Logging in again as User 1, all tags are present. No data is lost, but why is not accessible for User 2?

Any one a idea what goes wrong? Thank in advance for your answers.