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Thread: 1 second dropouts during playback

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    1 second dropouts during playback

    Hello, I converted all of my CD's to FLAC lossless with Poweramp. When I play them back via VLC Media Player, I get a 1/2 to 1 second "dropout" where there is complete silence. This happens on discs that copy with 100 and 200 accuracy in AccurateRip. Some of them were brand new and never played. Is this likely a problem with encoding via Poweramp (a setting I missed or something), or is it more likely a VLC issue. Thanks for any help. These "silent patches" are very annoying and sometimes happen two or three times per song. This happens whether I play the rips on my desktop or my tablet...

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    Re: 1 second dropouts during playback

    It is a VLC issue, we have had many reports of it not being able to play FLAC, try foobar2000 as a player.

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