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Thread: cannot convert 32bit AIF to WAV

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    cannot convert 32bit AIF to WAV

    For a related issue I am having (posted in this forum), I asked Ableton (the DAW company) to send me a 32bit 48khz AIF track (a few seconds long). They did. On a whim, I tried to convert it to WAV and I get this error

    "Error converting to Wave, 'C:\Users\Jay\Desktop\32bitAIFFtest.aif' to 'C:\Users\Jay\Desktop\32bitAIFFtest.wav'
    Error - file has compressed audio (not supported). [clWaveDecoder::PrepareToDecodeAudio]

    This is using Ref 14.4

    I have emailed this AIF file (which Ableton originally sent me) to illustrate support email address

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    Re: cannot convert 32bit AIF to WAV

    The file is a compressed AIF file, our software only works with uncompressed AIF.

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