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Thread: Raspberry Pi Asset Specifics

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    Raspberry Pi Asset Specifics

    Asset UPnP is now available on the Raspberry pi, this cheap $25 computer is ideal to run a lightweight UPnP server that is totally silent, pair with a USB flash disk

    We have tested against Raspbian, on the Model B pi.

    Installation details

    Log-in to the pi (login: pi   password: raspberry)
    Create a folder for Asset: 
    cd /usr/bin
    sudo mkdir asset
    sudo chmod 777 asset
    cd asset
    Transfer the downloaded Asset from the registration link in your receipt email to the pi to the /usr/bin/asset   folder.
    extract it:
    tar -zxvf *.gz
    rm *.gz
    Run Asset:
    cd /usr/bin/asset/Asset-Rx.x-Linux-ARM32-registered/bin                 (note replace x.x with version number)
    Once running it will show Presentation URL   type this into a web browser on any computer on the same network, example:
    Then click 'configure' to specify the options
    Setting Asset to start automatically

    crontab -e
    press the down arrow until the cursor is right at the bottom (on a blank line, press enter if not on a blank line)
    @reboot /usr/bin/asset/Asset-Rx.x-Linux-ARM32-registered/bin/AssetUPnP
    (note replace x.x with version number)
    Press keys CTRL + X   choose Y to save, press enter
    restart system:  
    sudo reboot
    The web log-in will be the same as when run manually, if at a later date you cannot find this address (or port), log into the pi and type:
    this will show on the inet addr   for eth0, take the shown ip address and:
    Where x.x.x.x is the address shown
    To find the port asset is using:
    sudo netstat -pln
    look for the lines with AssetUPnP on the end, it should be shown as  (for configuration)  (as well as which is used by UPnP devices  and for broadcast)
    Mounting a USB Flash disk

    Look for the drive:
    sudo fdisk -l
    It will most likely be called sda1
    Make a folder for this drive:
    sudo mkdir /media/usbflash
    and mount:
    sudo mount -t vfat -o rw /dev/sda1 /media/usbflash/
    Check files can be read:
    ls -l /media/usbflash/
    Then on Asset configuration page set the path as /media/usbflash/
    To make so this flash disc is automatically added on reboot:
    sudo nano /etc/fstab 
    and add the line:
    /dev/sda1      /media/usbflash     vfat   defaults   0     0
    (to save CTRL + X, Y to save)
    Mounting a CIFS (SMB / Windows) Network Share


    Configuration data location

    The configuration files for Asset are stored: ~/.dBpoweramp
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    Re: Raspberry Pi Asset Specifics

    New simplified guide, using install scripts for Asset R6.6 and newer-

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