I just upgraded to DBPA 14, glad I'm within the v15 window. I used previous versions to rip ~1000CDs that I had accumulated over the years. Great software. But now I'm experiencing an issue. Since the v14 upgrade, when I insert a CD it takes ~two minutes to recognize the CD and populate the track data. DBPA will freeze and display not responding if I attempt to interact with it during this process. I have a Windows 7 x64 Pro system with 8GB of RAM and i9-8 Core CPU so I don't think it is a resource issue. I have a 30Mbps connection with Xfinity so I don't think it is bandwidth related. I have disabled autoplay to prevent another application from fighting DBPA for access to the CD.

I have two DVD drives and previously I was able to put discs in the system and rip them at the same time but now the hang before the tracks are recognized is making this an agonizing process. I have made sure that all applications such as iTunes are shut down to again prevent drive contention.

Any ideas as to why this might be happening is appreciated. I have DBPA in burst mode and I do get accurate rips after the track search delay which can range from 30s to 2min.