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Thread: How do I rip Hi-Res MP3 files from CDs?

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    How do I rip Hi-Res MP3 files from CDs?

    I want to know if I can rip MP3 files from CD in Hi-Res format: 24/96 or 24/192. Is this possible?
    What settings/DSP effects would i need to setup?

    If I can only rip 16-bit 44.1KHz (or 48KNz) files, can I use Converter to up-sample tracks to Hi-Res after they are ripped?

    Does Win 7-64 Media Player (or Media Center) have ability to play Hi-Res tracks? Does Asset UPnP have ability to play these tracks?

    Also, have problems with Dynamic File Location: when I set file location to "[album artist]\[album]\[title] - [album]" by typing it in the encoder "Dynamic" line, it works fine. If I click "Set" option of "Dynamic" line and try to select same path in the "Dialog" window I get path error (sometimes) that says filename not unique.
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    Re: How do I rip Hi-Res MP3 files from CDs?

    CDs are 44KHz 16 bit, it is not possible to increase that using any DSP effects (well you could convert 16 bit >> 24 bit, but you still have 16 bits of information, that happen to take up more HDD space).

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