I am about to reencode my 200+ disc library and as I don't know what kind of encoding I would need in the future,I would like to know what is best the best ripping output format I could use so I can encode it later with the exact same quality as if I directly ripped and encoded my disc the final format?

Anyway I always assumed that CD ripper softwares were first ripping the disc to a raw file format and then encoded to the final format. What is the format of this raw file? Wav? Or am I totally misconceiving the ripping/encoding process?

Basically I want to put in place a process where this

CD ---> CD Ripper ---> Intermediate Format
Intermediate Format ---> Music Converter ---> Final Format

Would give the exact same final output quality as this classic process

CD ---> CD Ripper ---> Final Format

Thanks for the help.