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Thread: CD Writer and Windows 8

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    CD Writer and Windows 8


    A search in the faq and forums didn't help me out.

    I upgraded from w7 to w8.
    Under w7 cd writer worked just fine.
    Under w8 i only can wait :D

    Are cd writer and w8 a match?

    Is it possible to get it working?

    Look forward to your reply.



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    Re: CD Writer and Windows 8

    You might be able to right click on the icon and run in a previous windows version compatible mode.

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    Re: CD Writer and Windows 8

    Tried it before posting here.
    Tried every previous windows version.
    And gave administrator rights.
    Writer sees the cd-writer and opens eject when I press eject.
    When I drag files to the main window they are not imported.
    I love writer. Is the only writing software I use.
    Look forward to an update or so.

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    Re: CD Writer and Windows 8

    I was unable to get it to work in Win7, but I didn't really need it, since I had several other programs that did the same thing, so I didn't mess around with compatibility or other settings. However, I just got a new 64-bit Win8 Pro machine, and the only oem software was a generic Power2Go, which only makes data cds and images. dB works perfectly on this system for ripping, but when I tried to use cdwriter, everything seemed to work, except that it did not see the cd/dvd writer. I figured a simple uninstall/reinstall would fix that. Gasp, it wouldn't uninstall with Revo; Revo kept saying it couldn't find the built-in uninstaller, so I tried to install it on top of itself, thinking that reinstalling it would bound to put the uninstaller back where it's supposed to be. It seemed to install, but the installer would not exit. I had to use the task manager to clear the program, and Revo still couldn't find the uninstaller. So I decided it would be best to install again using WinXPsp3 compatibility mode (although I know that it worked perfectly up to Vista). After further messing around, I used Revo in advanced mode to uninstall dB and cdwriter--Revo couldn't find the uninstaller for dB either, so I just deleted all the dB reg entries and files and folders-and then reinstalled. Just for the heck of it, I tried the Windows uninstaller in the Control Panel, and it found the uninstaller for dB, but even it could not uninstall cd writer, so, after messing around further, I have everything BUT cdwriter installed, and I'm trying to decide on upgrading my most recent Nero (which was v8) or my most recent Roxio, or something else.
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    Re: CD Writer and Windows 8

    This appears to still be the case, although I did manage to burn a CD using the first half of the process and feeding the .wav files from the temporary directory into Windows Media Player and burning from there. The new CD seems to function as expected.

    So I did the RIP to Audio CD using dbPoweramp CD Ripper
    Went to the Temporary directory, listed in the CD Writer edit options popup
    Selected and dragged the .wav files into the burn list in WMP (fixed the track order as needed)
    Updated the burn options in WMP as needed
    Clicked Burn

    I didn't use the CD Writer software for any of this, although perhaps the reason I could choose Rip to: Audio CD was due to having CD Writer installed, I didn't happen to notice what options were listed prior to installing CD Writer.



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    Re: CD Writer and Windows 8


    If the DB Cd Writer is recognizing a burning capability(no CD writer found), just right click on the program, then go to properties, then under compatibility tab, click "run this program in compatibility mode for" and select Windows 7 in the dropbox window. Apply the changes and restart DB Cd Writer. Should work fine.

    Sorry for late reply. Just wanted to resolve the thread for future visitors.

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