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Thread: Testing a large (ALAC) library

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    Testing a large (ALAC) library

    I have a large library ripped over quite a period of time into apple lossless. Unfortunately a number of the files seem to have errors of various types, which in general lead to playback being cut short. What I am looking for is a automated way of testing all these mp4a files...

    I thought I had found it with the batch music converter using the test conversion facility but somehow I don't seem to get an error report even when the source files have been radically truncated!

    I would appreciate any help that anyone can offer...

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    Re: Testing a large (ALAC) library

    Unfortunately, it seems that ALAC format doesn't store any type of hash in the container. It means that ALAC format doesn't offer any way to detect corruption itself. You rely on AccurateRip or other methods to detect corruption. In other words, you need to compare the suspicious file against another sample to detect corruption and differences, because ALAC format cannot report corruption, assume that everything is fine.

    Try to verify your music collection using CueTools. If you have only popular/mainstream albums, it is very likely that Accuraterip can help you.

    Another suggestion: Use Multipar to create redundant data, useful to detect and _repair_ corruption, which could happen in the future. I run this .cmd file to create a .par2 file for each folder of my music collecion:
    set path=[Absolute path to Multipar folder]
    FOR /R %%g IN (.) DO psexec.exe -low par2j.exe c -rn100 -fo -rd1 -rf1 -sn2000 "%%g\%%~ng.par2" "%%g\*"

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    Re: Testing a large (ALAC) library

    Or install PerfectTunes to AccurateRip verify the audio, see the beta section of this forum.

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