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Thread: Always write certain tags in compressed files when ripping

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    Always write certain tags in compressed files when ripping

    My first tests with dBpoweramp ripper show that this has become a great tool for secure rips over the years. Would it support generating CUE sheets for multi-track files, I'd fully abandon EAC. But that's another topic.

    Here my question is regarding tag output generation. I use the multi-encoder to generate both lossless and lossy at the same time. Using True Audio (tta) and MP3 enables me to use id3 tags for both formats.

    Could you please make some recommendation how to always write the following id3v2.3 tag information with the least manual effort?

    - TCMP: iTunes compilation flag (non-standard)
    - TSRC: International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) (12 characters)
    - TLAN: Language(s)
    - TENC: = TXXX:Encoder (dBpa writes: TENC: dBpoweramp Release 14.2 / TXXX:Encoder: Lame 3.98.4)
    - TXXX:Encoder: dBpoweramp Release 14.2

    plus the following (without extra tagging with Picard):

    -TXXX:MusicBrainz Album Artist Id
    -TXXX:MusicBrainz Album Id
    -TXXX:MusicBrainz Album Status
    -TXXX:MusicBrainz Album Type
    -TXXX:MusicBrainz Artist Id
    -TXXX:MusicBrainz Disc Id
    -TXXX:MusicBrainz Track Id
    -TXXX:MusicBrainz TRM Id
    -TXXX:MusicIP PUID
    -TXXX:MusicBrainz Album Release Country

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    Re: Always write certain tags in compressed files when ripping

    Any nonstandard tag is written as TXXX

    I am sure - TCMP: and - TSRC are already written, take a file which has these already added, then see the tag name dbpoweramp shows for it, this is the name you need to use.

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