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Thread: Using existing album art

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    Using existing album art

    I have over a Terabyte of ripped CD's with WMP in *.wav format. My collection is 70% classical and 30% worship (Christian). Over half the ripped CD's already have files titled: Folder.jpg (about 200x200), AlbumArtSmall.jpg (75x75), and another file titled desktop.ini. When I run the Batch ripper, neither the artwork nor the system information desktop.ini gets transferred over to my new HD.

    FYI, I already purchased your product to batch convert my *.wav files to smaller MP3 (320 kbps, CBR). For my ears, I don't need a lossless format. For my use the current artwork resolution is also good enough. I guess it's only the CD's for which I have no artwork do i need AMG or GD3. I'm batch converting a 1.5 TB HD to a 500 GB with room to spare.

    Red Sonja

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    Re: Using existing album art

    Use the DSP effect 'ID Tag Processing', in there is the option to 'Import Folder.jpg'

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    Re: Using existing album art

    HELP, now i'm all confused...

    From: Brian Moore
    To: 'Wendy Lovell (aka Red Sonja)'
    Sent: Wednesday, May 2, 2012 4:25 PM
    Subject: RE: just purchased DBpoweramp R14.2

    Hi Wendy,
    You may want to send this question to dbpoweramp or check their forum. I do know that you don&*8217;t need a GD3 username/password for GD3 to work with the dBpoweramp Reference unless you are using the Batch Ripper, which is the ripper used with robotics devices. The standard application has GD3 authentication built into it and does not need for you to use a GD3 account you setup. I&*8217;m not able to speak for AMG, I&*8217;m not sure if it&*8217;s available or not.

    From: Wendy Lovell (aka Red Sonja)
    Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2012 7:15 PM
    To: info@getdigitaldata.com
    Subject: just purchased DBpoweramp R14.2

    On Sunday, April 29, 2012 I purchased dBpoweramp Reference R14.2 (Single PC),
    costing $38.

    For future reference, your order number is:

    Anyway I am supposed to get a GD3 account with this purchase and I wanted to know how to add AMG to my look-up also.

    Thanks for your help,
    Wendy Marie

    ps. I also established an account with u at the same time:

    Thank you for signing up for the GD3 CD metadata web service.

    Your username is:
    Your password is:
    (I did change my password)
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    Re: Using existing album art

    Dbpoweramp Can fetch metadata whilst ripping CDs only, if you have wave files already ripped by a different program, and there are no Idtags dbpoweramp cannot add new ones.

    You would have to rerip e CDs for dbpoweramp get new metadata.

    Ps please do not post your order number to the forum, others would be able to take over your order.

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    Re: Using existing album art

    Quote Originally Posted by Red Sonja View Post
    When I run the Batch ripper,
    (Are you sure you have not confused batch ripper by batch converter?)

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