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Thread: Atrack 3 Plus Software Encoder

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    Re: Atrack 3 Plus Software Encoder

    I can't burn with my Sonic Stage Simple Burner anymore cos it keeps coming up with the "Sonic Stage System Information Restore Tool". It basically says it will restore any music files that were disabled by a system restore, but none have been. it says it will take 1 minute to verify the database, but you click next to proceed and it says "verifying" then "cannot connect to internet", rendering ,my SSSB useless. Any help?

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    Exclamation Re: Atrack 3 Plus Software Encoder

    Hey all, I have been researching quite alot to convert the atrac 3 files to mp3 and vice versa. I have the dony walkman with the atrac playback. I'am supposed to use Sonic Stage Simple Burner, which is a terrible program as its complicated to use, and cannot code VBR to the atrac files. I have read that if you are going to burn a atrac cd its best to use nero. burn an adio cd with as many songs as you like but burn it to an image and mount the image in a virtual drive, then use sonic stage to rip the virtual dirve, but this would be very space consuming. I also read that there is an imput for winamp which can play them or that realplayer can. I havent further tried these but if anyone figures it out please email me <bren1818@gmail.com>

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    Re: Atrack 3 Plus Software Encoder

    Yea sony simple stage is terrible that way, uninstall it then reinstall it, or just allow it to "fix" itself.

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    Re: Atrack 3 Plus Software Encoder

    how do i download a atrack 3 plus encoder on my pc

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    Re: Atrack 3 Plus Software Encoder

    One should have came with your portable Sony player. It appears the main encoder is Sonic Stage or whatever its caled.

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