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Thread: Unrippable CD?

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    Unhappy Unrippable CD?

    Iím a great fan of Joni Mitchellís Shadows and Light, having had it on vinyl, single CD and now the newer two-disc version (Asylum Records 8122 74663-2) which has all the original tracks from the vinyl version.
    There is absolutely no problem when played in my normal CD player, but, if you try to play it in a computer drive, it sounds truly awful with an overlay of noise throughout.

    Sadly, it also seems to defeat dbpoweramp. Is this a lost cause or are there adjustments to the settings that will allow me to do the job?


    PS It's not the only CD that I have been unable to rip (Tom Waits' Blue Valentine also doesn't want to play), but Shadows and Light is such a disappointment and there doesn't seem to be a manufacturing error.

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    Re: Unrippable CD?

    Does accuraterip verify the rip?

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    Re: Unrippable CD?

    Yes, it does, but it sounds awful.

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    Re: Unrippable CD?

    Try ripping to wave as a test.

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