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Thread: getpopinfo.exe for mp4 grinds system to halt

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    getpopinfo.exe for mp4 grinds system to halt

    Hi, I'll try not to ramble. Don't know if this is a dbpoweramp problem, system cache problem, settings or what... but any help would probably extend my life expectancy through less stress.

    I have:
    Windows 7 32bit
    3.6 MHz cpu (single core)
    4 GB Ram and all the latest r14, cd writer etc installed.

    My problem is when a mp4 is downloaded or when I just hover the mouse over an existing mp4 file things grind to a halt...task manager shows 1-2 instances of "getpopupinfo.exe" running at 30-50% cpu usage.

    When I try to move or copy the file I get an error message that the file is in use by dbpoweramp (see pic).


    I've tried dbpoweramp configuration and unchecked show popup information to no avail. I also went into file associations in Win7 and mp4's are not associated with r14 at all. Can't find a setting in dbpoweramp.

    Just a guess, but it seems that Windows isn't caching this information. As soon as I move the mouse away and back again it all starts over again with getpopinfo.exe. I fear though it may go a little deeper and have to do with the file being mp4.

    Is there a setting in r14 that breaks the association with mp4's. I don't need that, only mp3 and Flac. Oh yeah, there is no problem when hovering over mp3's...tag info shows quickly.

    Thanks for your time, Mike
    Sorry, wrong forum.
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    Re: getpopinfo.exe for mp4 grinds system to halt

    Uninstall R14, then install R14.1 (from the beta section) it does not try to associate with mp4

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    Re: getpopinfo.exe for mp4 grinds system to halt

    Thanks Spoon, you are definitely "Da Man". Will make the changes.

    On a side note, I have been using dbPoweramp for years and it has helped make my music library what it is today. Can't say enough about it. Thanks for providing software that does what so many do not...helping the user to accomplish their goals with concern.

    Thanks, Mike

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