I have written two custom XSL files to use with the "Write Metadata File" DSP effect. I add the "Write Metadata File" DSP effect TWICE to my list of DSP actions to perform in dBpoweramp Reference, once to write all metadata to an XML file and once to write all metadata to an HTML file. Everything works great EXCEPT for the fact that the "Write Metadata File" effect writes one file for each track named exactly the same as the audio track (Which I understand is exactly what this action is supposed to accomplish). What I would LIKE to do is APPEND the metadata for each track into a SINGLE XML and HTML file in the root of the album directory. Does anyone know how to accomplish this task?

Although I am a long-time user of dBpoweramp, this is my first post in this forum as I am normally able to find any answer I need with a simple search. I am sure this question has already been answered, but apparently I cannot come up with the right search terms to return a result. Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide regarding this issue!