OK, I know I am doing something *REALLY* stupid. I just got a new machine and was testing the converter (have Reference ver 13.x).

When using the dynamic option I get this. Same if even writing to the E drive (music\music directory). No obvious issues with the program re-load it works if I convert to the same directory. Don't think I have a path issue but perhaps...

Error converting to Apple Lossless,
to 'E:\Music\Music\odp1987-02-15d1t01.m4a'
Error unable to open File 'E:\Music\Music\odp1987-02-15d1t01.m4a'
for writing. [clEncoder::BeginConversion

Also I seem to get 4 cores in use. Have 6. Is 4 the max for 13.x? Would I need to upgrade to 14 to get the full 6 cores working together?

Thanks for a great product tat I've used quite happily for many years.