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Thread: "Multi-CD box-set" mode

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    Lightbulb "Multi-CD box-set" mode

    In the CD Ripper tool-bar there should be a simple "Multi-CD box-set" check-box: When this check-box is checked then CD Ripper is in "Multi-CD box-set" mode: This means that when the CD is ejected the common CD fields like 'Album', Album 'Artist', 'Album Art' remain enabled and their content preserved. Then, when a new CD is inserted the 'Disc' field will be automatically increased, e.g. from 1/12 to 2/12 etc., while the contents of the previously mentioned common fields are still preserved from the previous CD. This would allow to rip Multi-CD box-sets very quickly without having to manually enter the same data for each CD in the box-set. This would be VERY USEFUL!!

    For example, I have several box-sets which I want to rip with dBpoweramp, among them a 170 CD box-set of the "Mozart Complete Works" edition! So this feature would help people a lot when ripping Multi-CD box-sets!

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    Re: "Multi-CD box-set" mode

    Hummm...interesting idea. I have a massive collection of Classical Music I have just to rip. Would be useful to have something like this.

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    Re: "Multi-CD box-set" mode

    The problem is that meta information from online databases often are not correct with these common album fields (mostly in classical music), while they are mostly correct regarding single track meta-tags (track title etc.). So, instead of having to correct this wrong meta-tags for every disk in a 170-CD collection (which would drive me nuts) I could correct these tags once at the beginning of the ripping process and then automatically keep this information for the whole collection.

    And since ripping a 170 CD collection often could not be accomplished in the spare time of one single day, the "Multi-CD box-set" mode should be preserved between sessions. So for example, when I start to rip my 170 CD collection on Friday, then in the evening I shut down the computer, and the next day when I start dBpoweramp CD Ripper it should ask me:
    "CD Ripper is still in Multi-CD box-set mode from the last session. Would you like to keep this mode? [Yes|No]

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