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Thread: Album Art problem in Ogg Vorbis [dBpoweramp CD Ripper R14]

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    Album Art problem in Ogg Vorbis [dBpoweramp CD Ripper R14]


    I m using dBpoweramp CD Ripper R14 [Licensed]
    I m converting to Ogg Vorbis but if I choose the Album Art, the picture is not only copied as a folder.jpg in the target folder but also added within the OutputMusicFile.ogg in the MetaData area.

    The problem is that none of the Samsung players (Q2 or YP-Z5F) are able to play such files. One simply crash the device.
    Two workarounds found so far:
    1. before ripping, I remove the Album Art or
    2. I Edit ID-Tag by clearing all the data but then I loose all the metadata. Note that the [Remove] Album Art function does not work at all for .ogg files. I didn t try with other file types.

    Using VLC 1.1.0 or later release is fine. No problem at all with audio files containing the Album Art.
    Any idea on why the picture added within the audio file is causing such problem? Of course I could also systematically ignore the Album Art before ripping and add a folder.jpg picture in the folder afterwards but it s more work.

    Thanking you in advance for your reply.

    PS: I forgot to tell you that I have ripped lots of CDs to ogg vorbis before realizing that there is a problem on my Samsung players (VLC is fine). I can't re-rip them as I don't have the source CDs anymore. This is a big issue.
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