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Thread: V3: Compilations

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    V3: Compilations


    I started converting my music collection several years ago, so when I started I decided that I treat compilations like usual albums. I use the usual Artist and Album tag. For example, there is a 20-track-compilations called "Super Hits" with 20 different artists: all the 20 tracks have the same Album tag but each track has a different Artist tag.

    When I browse via Asset v2 through the album tree, then there is one entry with the name of the album and the 20 songs at the next level - perfect!

    When I browse via Asset v3 through the album tree, then there are 20 entrys, all called "Super Hits", and each entry has one song at the next level. And when the option "[album] - [artist] for listing" is enabled the name of the artist is attached to each "Super Hits" entry.

    So in v3 it seems that there is a connection between the album and the artist in the album tree. This is great as an option (because lots of artists have released albums called "The Greatest Hits", I'm aware of this problem), but I prefer the logic in v2, plus the option "[album] - [artist] for listing".

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    Re: V3: Compilations

    v3 is technically correct, you would have to add a compilation tag set to 1 for it to be treated as a compilation.

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