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Thread: Q: Some batch converter/core converter technicalities

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    Q: Some batch converter/core converter technicalities

    I am attempting to convert one of my HDs of FLAC files to MP3s on a different HD. (The FLACs have RG tags, I use RG Apply). 30 000 files is a lot, but that didn't stop me from trying; it does not run too well. Some issues/questions:

    - How many lame.exe instances should be up and running? I have a dual core, but I find 3 to 6 lames.

    - How many CoreConverter.exe? As many as the lame.exe? Seems to match.

    - What is this "Error reading DB" something ("DB command"?)? It seems to almost take down my system -- terminal services abort and claim it lost network, bla bla bla.

    And a wishlist item: Toggle the "Pause" button between "Pause" and "Continue". Hard to tell whether it is paused or not, at least under these loads when I cannot know whether it is responding well enough to accept mouseclick input.

    Version: Most recent R14 beta just installed this morning. Used to have a Reference, which seems to have broken down in the most recent Windows rot, but I didn't bother to re-register, since R14 seemed to "work".
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    Re: Q: Some batch converter/core converter technicalities

    There should be as many coreconverters as encoding lines shown on the main converting page.

    I would have to see the exact error line.

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