I am new at this and would like to get your help.
My appology for a long post since I want to accurately explain the issue and my outcome desired.

I have a good 20 DTS Audio-CDs which I bought over the years to play in my home theater (DVD --> DTS amplifier). I love them because of the sound quality.

I recently consolidated my home theater to use a PlayStation 3 slim 120 as my DVD player with a Network Attached Storage (NAS) to store my music collection ripped from my regular audio CDs. I also would like to rip my DTS audio CDs to store in my NAS (or local PS3 120GB drive). It is imperative to keep the 5.1 sound quality and not to down-sample DTS audio to 2 channels stereo (the whole idea of keeping DTS quality audio).

I have been searching the net for methods to CORRECTLY rip my DTS audio CDs to files (MP3, AAC, or such) which will be played through my home theater amplifier (Onkyo HT-RC180).

My question: Is there any commercial software available that can help me to accomplish my wish? Can DBPowerAmp soft do this? Is there a one step process (as when I ripped my regular audio CDs)? or it requires multiple steps to rip/convert DTS Audio CD to a useable format?

I would appreciate your comments and inputs to help me getting my DTS CDs to my media center.