Hey Spoon,

After chatting to Razgo for a bit, I decided it was better to post a message asking you How can people be of assistance to you. I'm sure there are other users who would like to offer you assistance, but don't know what type of assistance you require, and either attempt to identify an area by reading the posts on this forum, or by just using one of your products. As that is what I have done in the past.

So I thought maybe I could post a message, and you could make some sort of list and post that so people who are interested can select an item or two from your list and let you know that they will investigate that. Do you know what i mean?..

I thought making some more skins and a "how to" skin tutorial that I have previously done would be helpful, but if there are other areas I could utilize my time to help you that I am unaware of, I would, but I would need to be advised of those areas first?

Basically I'm sure people would only be to happy to help (myself included) but we need some sort of direction

Thanks in advance.