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Thread: newbie Q....

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    newbie Q....

    Hi all
    being totally new to this level of ripping software, I've been searching for the user guide (for idiots, step by step...) - does one exist?
    Specifically, at this point I am having problems getting an accurate rip on one track after several attempts on differing players and am unsure how to proceed.

    Jeff A

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    Re: newbie Q....


    Have you tried the Help files?
    Open CD Ripper and click on the red ? icon.

    As far as the problem you describe, have you configured your drive(s) for AccurateRip?
    If so, is this problem just with a single track?
    Is the track from an original CD or from a copy that you or a friend ripped?

    AccurateRip requires that you configure your drive's offset before the program can compute whether the rip is accurate or not. The CD being ripped must be in the AccurateRip database and I do not believe that AccurateRip can determine whether a homemade copy of a CD has been accurately ripped or not.

    Hope this helps.
    Best wishes,

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    Re: newbie Q....

    This will help ensure secure ripping is set up correctly:


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    Re: newbie Q....

    thanks much, I will proceed with this info


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