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Thread: Window display problems on second monitor

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    Window display problems on second monitor

    I've got two monitors - primary is 1920x1200, secondary is 1600x1200 and positioned to the right of the primary. CD Ripper and its Alt-M Meta Review windows both have problems when used on the 2nd monitor. This is with the 13.3 release.

    First, CD ripper can't remember its position across program restarts. Position the window on the 2nd monitor, then exit and restart. The program starts up in full-screen on the 1st monitor. No such problem if the window is positioned on the 1st monitor when exiting. As a workaround, I can position the window so it's just barely touching the far right side of the 1st monitor, but I'd much rather have that window centered on the 2nd monitor.

    Next, the Alt-M review window always comes up in an unresizable large window, somewhat smaller than the 1st monitor's 1920x1200 size. That happens even if the window is popping up on the 2nd, smaller, monitor because the main CD ripper window is on the 2nd monitor. That leaves the review window hanging over the edges of the 2nd monitor - a small part of the window is visible on the right side of the 1st monitor, and a larger part is off the right side of the 2nd monitor where it cannot be seen. It would be nice if the review window was resizable, and it remembered its position across uses.

    Am I missing some option to get this to work, or barring that, any chance for better multi-monitor support in a new rev?

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    Re: Window display problems on second monitor

    Will mark as a bug

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