For those of us who adopt the fairly common practice of ripping individual classical works on a disc as an album, it would save considerable time to have a couple of simple extra features relating to offsetting track numbers:

1. Offset to Track 1
On right-clicking a selection of tracks, the menu would have an option to "Check and offset to Track 1" which would clear other checks, check those selected, and offset the first track in the selection to track 1. The current method involves some math and fiddly mouse work. On some discs, I have to do this for every track.

2. Continue track numbering from previous disc
Probably again a right-click menu choice, this would offset track numbering to continue from the last track of the previous disc ripped. This would be useful for any multi-disc set that you want to rip as a single album. I keep forgetting to make a note of the tracks on disc 1 before ripping disc 2, particularly for operas, this means re-inserting disc 1 or scrabbling through sleeve notes to find track numbers.

Thanks and Seasons Greetings