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Thread: add/change cover art of whole album

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    add/change cover art of whole album

    when using poweramp CD ripping, you automatically get a folder containing the flacs and a jpg with the coverart.
    Yet, I have quite a few CD's ripped (flac) previously, just a long list of files (not in seperate maps), containing no coverart.
    How do I attach the right coverart to these files?

    I found two solutions alreadey:
    1. Make a map per CD, put a coverart jpg in that map, use dMC to "convert" from flac to flac, with DSP effects requiring to get the coverart in the folder.
    2. Right mousebutton on each line and add the (previously saved) coverart.

    Both solutions are rather time consuming. Is there a way to select all tracks of an album and add the coverart in one go? (I've done this with WMP, but that shows the right coverart only in the WMP player, not when I use my squeezebox)


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    Re: add/change cover art of whole album

    I would initially ensure that all the albums are in separate folders. As long as each folder has the correct folder.jpg (or some other named file) I would then use the Batch Convert (to select all the albums) together with the ID Tag Update codec to add the folder.jpg to each music file.

    See http://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthread.php?t=20204

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