I'm trying to set up Windows 7 to feel comfortable. One thing I can't seem to fix (and thought dMC might help me) is that the Windows Explorer will show information about music files in folders that contain mainly music - showing columns of "Contributing Artist", "Year", etc. It obviously gets this information from the tags. This works great for .mp3 and .m4a files, but not .ogg, .ape and .flac.

I was hoping that setting up dMC would fix this, and that Windows Explorer could parse the tags. If dMC is not the tool to do this, does someone know how to customize Windows Explorer in Win7 to treat (for example) Ogg Vorbis files like .mp3s wrt their tag information?

I have "Explorer Columns" enabled in dMC, as well as "Load DLLs into Shell" - but this doesn't seem to do the trick. Did I misunderstand the purpose of that option?