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Thread: Read album art from FLAC correctly

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    Read album art from FLAC correctly

    I'm using VB.Net 2008. When I use UltraEdit to open FLAC files created in dbpoweramp 13.3, I see some metadata between the end of the last FLAC tag and the beginning of the picture. I see what looks like a 1 byte block type, then a 24 bit integer, which appears to be the MIME length, then 4 bytes of picture type, then 4 bytes of description length, then the description, then 4 bytes I can't identify, then 32 bit image width, then 32 bit image height, 32 bit color depth, 32 bit "For indexed-color pictures (e.g. GIF), the number of colors used, or 0 for non-indexed pictures. ", then 32 bit picture size in bytes, then the picture data.

    I have a couple of different questions:

    1) Is there some way to tell how many pictures to expect like you can with FLAC tags?

    2) It seems that unless I'm missing something, you have to use the picture description to store the type (what I see in mine is "image/jpeg"). Maybe I'm supposed to use some amount of the data at the beginning of the picture to know the type? Can you tell me how much to use and if I'm on the right track?

    3) Of course - what are the portions of the metadata I can't seem to identify?

    4) I'm wanting to add/change art programmatically. Is there any metadata at the beginning of the file I need to be concerned with, or is it just the "METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE"?

    Any help you could give would be appreciated.

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    Re: Read album art from FLAC correctly

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