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Thread: merge files with commandline converter

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    merge files with commandline converter

    I have a need to merge or join a number of audiofiles into one bigger file.

    Is there any plans to implement that in the commandline converter?
    Like define one input file and join it after the outputfile, or define 2 inputfiles to be joined into one new file. Then the process may be repetead to add more files together.

    Or is it already available in the product? I have not found it. PLease let meknow if I have missed it.

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    Re: merge files with commandline converter

    No current plans.

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    Re: merge files with commandline converter

    dMC cannot currently merge multiple files into one file.

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    Re: merge files with commandline converter

    Very old thread, but still something that would be a boon to those of us who convert audiobook files (multiple MP3 files) into m4b (aac) audiobook files. Please consider adding this feature. Possibly as a codec? (Yes, there ARE free utilities out there. But I'd far rather have this as a part of dbPowerAmp, which has been my tool of choice for years and years.)

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