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Thread: Key Disk can not be used - for disks in

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    Key Disk can not be used - for disks in

    I have 5 disks that are found in the accuraterip database

    2 of the 6 drives (4-5 year old drives) configure accuraterip just fine and rip these 5 disks with matching accuraterip CRCs (i.e. they are known good disks).

    4 of the drives come with the message "The Key Disc can not be used for offset detection (it does not match the one stored in Accurate database).

    So now what ?

    on www.accuraterip.com web site it says you can configure your drive if you have 3 "Key Discs".

    Is any disk in the accurate database a "Key Disc" ?

    I assumed that is true and inserted and then removed (one at a time, after the message came out - all 5 discs, and on all 4 drives. They never configured.

    How do you configure your drive ?

    Some of these drives are listed in the drive data base some are not, here are two that are not:
    Philips DVD8851
    LG GSA-H53L

    Please suggest the proper "procedure" these drives and if the 5 CDs that are in the database are not the right CDs, how do I "identify" the proper ones ?



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    Re: Key Disk can not be used - for disks in

    For drives not in the database you need to find 3 key discs that do not have multiple pressings stored in the database (in other words keep feeding lots of discs).

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    Re: Key Disk can not be used - for disks in

    Thanks... that was it... 20+ CDs to my first "hit" another 5-10 for the next two.

    It would be REALLY helpful if the message would say something like "Not a unique [multiple pressings] key disk" so that you knew that it saw it as a key disk and you have a clue that you need to keep looking.


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