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Thread: Batch Ripper - two suggestions

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    dBpoweramp Guru
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    Sep 2006

    Batch Ripper - two suggestions

    1. Add a flag in Batch Ripper Configuration screen to automatically reject discs that contain HTOA tracks (and before metadata lookup). Most of my robots don't use drives that can do HTOA, so I'd like them to be put aside automatically. Plus, the batch ripper doesn't currently auto-rip HTOA anyway from what I understand.

    2. In the GUI's Reject column add a "reason" field to the rejection (if not already done). e.g. "Immediate: No Meta Data", "Immediate: HTOA found", "Immediate: No disc after load", "Immediate: Same As Last", "Failed: Insecure (* of tracks)", "Failed: Track Error (* of tracks)", etc.


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    May 2004

    Re: Batch Ripper - two suggestions

    would love these, have been asking for them for some time!!!

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