I'm so impressed with the performance of TAK that I've started ripping my disks in TAK and converting some of my inferior lossless files to TAK. With Spoon's kind help I wrote a pretty decent GUI for use with dMC's CLI encoder. Now what's needed is for dMC to be able to decode TAKs and understand and pass the tags. (For now I use MP3TAG, which works flawlessly with TAKs.)

I know it's probably not a high priority to support TAK with a decoder plugin, but I think it might be reasonably easy. TAK uses the familiar APEv2 tags and Tom has published an SDK in the link below.

Zip file with a GUI tool, CLI tool and TAK software development kit.

Since dMC supports many obscure and rarely-used codecs like OptimFrog with plugins, I think it would make sense to also support what in my testing has been the best performing lossless codec out there.