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Thread: dBPowerAmp Linux

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    dBPowerAmp Linux

    I'm getting ready to switch my 2 desktops and 2 laptops to Linux. Is dBPowerAmp Linux available or will I have to find another audio conversion software that is compatible with Linux?? If not, how soon until a Linux version is available?

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    Re: dBPowerAmp Linux

    There is not a Linux version available and probably never will be, as there is one developer, Spoon. Doing a Linux version would require a total rewrite of dMC.

    However, dMC does work somewhat in Wine as far as converting goes. I'm not sure how it functions in regards to CD ripping in Wine
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    Re: dBPowerAmp Linux

    I am with you, ZmanMichael. I have 3 computers I have "UPGRADED" TO Linux. I have one running XP Pro. I will give dbPowerAmp a try with Wine.

    I am trying to get playlist on my new Cowon D2. Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't. I have tried WMPlayer, Media Monkey, JetShell, dbPowerAmp, and I don't know what else. Any suggestions?


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    Re: dBPowerAmp Linux

    there were talks about this earlier, and as far as I understood, the player too works under wine.

    there is also a sticky post in "General" about this:

    If you want to use something that is native to linux, I would consider Amarok.

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