Either when ripping the original CD, or as an after rip process by editing the genre tag in Windows Vista Explorer view?

I've ripped our CD collection with the standard genre given to dbpoweramp by PerfectMeta.

Now I want to rip my daughters collection of CD's (only 20 or so CD's in her library thus far) and hers naturally have the same genre classification, but I wouldn't dream of wanting to listen to some of them ;-)

This is so that we can play suffled music from selecting a genre in SqueezeCentre, but optionaly only select / deselect from mutiple genres.

So my daughter might have a CD that we rip as 'Rock' and I want to add say my daughters name as an additional genre.

Then I can select in SqueezeCentre (with the aid of some plugins) play all 'Rock' but not 'Rock / Daughter'. In turn my Daughter can elect to play only from 'Rock / Daughter' and exclude all of the old foggie Rock that we like ;-)

Is this doable?