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Thread: Musicbrainz PUID tags

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    Musicbrainz PUID tags

    Hi All,

    Wondering if anyone has discovered/implemented a good method for adding Musicbrainz PUID's to the metadata when a CD track is being ripped?

    It would be nice if it was natively retrieved by dBpoweramp's ripper (as part of PerfectMeta), however that doesn't seem to be the case.

    The best I've thought of is to try calling MusicIP's genpuid via a DSP after the rip, to work out the PUID. But that seems a bit cumbersome as I think it actually has to analyse the track - a bit of a waste given we've normally already identified it via PerfectMeta.

    Anyway, hoping someone has already solved this one :-)

    Thanks, awnm

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    Re: Musicbrainz PUID tags


    The PUIDs are generated at the server end and are only available if someone else has already done the analysis, so you can't guarantee to be able to tag the files in real time.

    I store the data in XML files and then use metaflac to tag the files once I have a PUID.

    Please note that there are issues regarding the PUID generation at this time.


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    Re: Musicbrainz PUID tags

    Ouch, thanks for the link. Hopefully they can resolve the issue, else (as suggested in one of the linked threads), Musicbrainz will need to find an alternative e.g. Last.FM fingerprinting.

    Sounds like running genpuid and metaflac tagging is the go - I'll give it a try.

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