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Thread: CRC Verification - Converter DSP Effect

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    CRC Verification - new Utility Codec

    A new Utility Codec for the music converter, which will calculate the CRC32 and compare it against the value calculated when the file was ripped. A log (window / file / both) will report files which have become corrupted.

    The log file should be sorted by path and filename (a problem with the current CRC32 DSP effect on my quad-core.)

    I see the Accuraterip CRC is already stored as meta data, but that is different than the CRC32.

    This would enable verification of music files in formats other than FLAC.


    I ripped about 100 albums with r12 to WMA lossless, for computability with MCE2005. Then my computer had a file system error (NTFS), which ruined a bunch of WMA files. Rather than re-rip, I've spent dozens of hours re-computing the CRC32s and visually comparing them against the log files.

    I'm now working with FLAC, as it can do this check internally. But my family still uses MCE, and I'll probably have to mass convert back to WMA at some time.

    Thank you.
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